NFBs are headed out on a chillgrimage to explore the vastness of space and seek out only the chillest vibes.

Each stop on the trip will be documented with a free update to 169ish existing Bones.


Our cosmic adventure begins somewhere in space.

A forgotten friend floats in the vastness of space. The dawn of man has come and gone, but one of the few guarantees in this universe is... change is coming.

The attractive force between masses is what keeps us all in our own patterns and orbits. We rest & move with a constant velocity... unless acted upon by an outside force.

Our new friend seems to be wide open to discovery and adventure. In order to learn about the unknown we must constantly travel with a curious and playful mindset.

What's this? Something unknown & unusual. This is exactly what our new friend was hoping for while out on a cosmic joy ride. A possible new adventure...? Let's check it out.

What is this strange creature? Doesn't seem to have any juice...

Our new friend and collector might have something to help this creature get moving... Hmm... where did he stash it...?

Ahhh yes, found it! But what IS it?

Juuust a touch. A little goes a long way

Somebody once told me that you have to keep an eye on your paradise! This oughta do it...

Hello fren... it's time to wake up.

Welcome back! I don't mean to bug ya, but I have a very important question … Do you wanna ... grab a slice?

This is the "Awake" destination! We can't wait to travel the universe and have a ton of fun as we go. As this cosmic chillgrimage jumps off, we will stay woke, make new friends, and be wide open to all kinds of new adventures! Chill long and prosper

Uh oh, GRIMLOCK RAMSAY REEPER THE 3RD has received an alert...

It's a tight squeeze, but these two chillers are finally on their way to grab a slice.

What an unusual terrain.

What a great day for a stroll.

This is the "Grab A Slice" destination! Our friends are finally enjoying the most cosmically chewy and delicious pizza in the universe on the pizza time planet. Chill long and prosper friends. I wonder what these two will get into next?

After stuffing their face with pizza our friends made their way back to the ship... and it was completely OUT OF GAS . This was strange b/c when they left it, it has a full tank... very weird.

No worries tho... The Pizza Dragon has offered them a ride to the ETH planet. Hop on friends!

Riding a PIZZA DRAGON is the only way to go on a quest!

Still OTW to the next destination! Hang on tiiiight!

The team has landed and discovered some new friends. These little guys are most welcoming. They were happy to help look the perfect Ξcrystals and offered our travelers their famous ice cold Ξberry slushy. It tastes so AMAZING!

The team needed to find a flawless Ξ crystal with no blemishes or cracks. Their new friends led them to the source. It totally looks sus... should they go in?

This is the "Crystal Mines" destination! It's hard work looking for that flawless Ξcrystal to power the ship, and nothing less than the best will do. Chill long and prosper friends. I wonder what these two will get into next?

After we found the perfect crystal, a lil shroomy friend asked the crew to stop by their home planet so they could receive a blessing from the mystical ToadaBella. According to legend, the blessing would bring great fortune!

Welcome to the mystical Shroom forest. This place is bursting with life. Let's go explore this enchanted place.

This is the "Toadabella" destination! On the shroom planet, our boneFam could revive a blessing from the mystical ToadaBella. She issues a blessing by bouncing a tiny shroom off our friend's dome. This blessing would bring you great fortune and unexpected adventure! I wonder what our growing family will get into next?

After the ship was fueled up, everyone wondered where we might head next. Just then, our fam met a rootin' tootin', pizza loving Echidna. This feisty lil' guy knew a great spot to have fun and get rowdy.

Off we go to PEWTO! And look at this, our bone fam just keeps growing!

A strange ship full on blasted them with a tractor beam! HOLD ON everybody!!

After getting beamed up, our team was concerned for their safety. These lil' guys were armed to the teeth! Although they were a little bit rowdy, they never showed any hostility towards our crew…

HOWEVER - They DID seem very interested in our traveler's HEAD.

From what we can gather, it looks like these creatures collect, replicate, and adapt from other travelers they cross paths with on their journey.

Turns out it is the HIGHEST honor to be integrated into the SQUADT culture by donning a helmet, and becoming what they call a “Specimen.”

This is the "SQUADT" destination! After the honor of being folded into the Squadt culture, these chillers raged into the night with minimal injuries. I wonder what our growing family will get into next?

It's been an intense run since we started this chillgramage in Dec 2021 . Everyone could use a moment to chill. The cat knew a place where we could just post up, chill and get recentered….

So the bonefam set off to visit Demeter!

The team posts up on a small lush planet named Demeter and takes a moment to chill and get recentered. It's nice to take a moment and reflect on what is truly important. Remain chill until bonefam, more adventures ahead!

The crew seriously enjoyed hanging out on Demeter and taking a moment to get quiet to relax and reflect. Everyone wanted to keep the vibes going, but was feeling a lil hungry. We haven't eaten since we grabbed a slice.

The team has lifted off and is on their way to visit with Big Stacks The Great!

The team was able to hit 2 patties with one bun on this stop. They can get centered with Big Stacks The Great, AND stuff their faces with stacks of field grown Burgers! Delicious.

The bonefam had the opportunity to grab a bite and vibe out with Big Stacks The Great. Big Stacks believes that the secret sauce of the universe is Gratitude! So chill long and prosper friends! More adventure ahead

After hanging with Big Stacks The Great, the crew was well rested, had full bellies, and enjoyed some peace and quiet. It's been a Gr8 adventure had been so far. I wonder where we will head next?

While sitting quietly, a cosmic insight rushed in. You have to go after what you want in this universe with a fire in your heart, but also remain chill until. In other words…

You gotta keep things a Lil Spicy & a Lil Icy in this crazy universe!

After the Spicy realization that you have to keep things a lil spicy & a lil Icy, the boneFam lifts off and gets back on the move. Right as they lift off they noticed some strange debris littering the space way.

The crew took a closer look at the debris flying in their path. Looks like they were invited to a spooky luau

Let's go check out this Spooky Luau and see what it's all about!

The team arrived at Dr. Spices' Spooky Luau! It's a bit lonely floating around in space in a pumpkin, so Dr. Spice loves to host guests any chance he gets. He already had costumes ready and was ready to soak in his spooky sauce.

This is the Spooky Luau destination! We hope you have a wonderful spooky season boneFam...Love ya🖤💀🖤. More cosmically chill adventures ahead!

After the spooky luau at Dr.Spice's spot, everyone wanted to keep the holiday vibes going. Dr. Spice had a great idea. In his collection, he had a candy cane flute that could summon the Peppermint Tiger who would lead them to the peppermint planet for some minty fresh fun.


A moment later, a radiant red and white tiger appeared in the distance and was charging towards our cosmic chillers.

Once the crew touched down, they immediately took off for a high speed peppermint tiger tour of the minty fresh peppermint planet. Most holidays throughout the universe got their original inspiration from her pepperminty beauty and generosity.

This is the Peppermint Tiger destination! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season boneFam...Love ya❤️💀💚 so much. More bone goodness in 2023 and a ton more cosmically chill adventures ahead! Sound off in the comments with your fav NFB, skullrivative or destination!

After an extended stay with the Peppermint Tiger, the crew finally moved on to continue their Chillgramage in search of the best vibes only.